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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everyone's a winner!

As I was walking out of the door last Saturday, 3/26, my husband yells from the bed,  "Honey, do you have to fill out a registration form?" "Uh, yes" I answer. I'm curious now. "I filled out the registration and mailed it in, why?" I ask. "Well, I know how competitive you are. I don't want you to get out there, try to beat everyone and pass out before you get to the finish line" he replied. "I wanted to make sure you filled out the emergency contact information," he continued.

 At this I laugh out loud! He's right! I am that competitive! But I also want to actually finish the race and I want to be able to finish the 1/2 marathon in June. So I think I can control my competitive nature.

And I did. Although, when the guy pushing the stroller and walking the dog passed me, I had to kick it into a higher gear. I mean really, he's pushing a stroller and walking a dog, surely I can beat him, right?

Monday, 3/28, was the beginning of week 4. I was supposed to run 4 miles. I ran 2.5 because I didn't get my booty out of bed early enough! Today, I took as my off day, so that means tomorrow is 5 miles. YIKES! Uhh, I mean, I'm not scared...

I'll finish today's post with this thought, lovingly said to me by my husband. Honey, you don't have to go out there and smoke all those runners (he used another term, but I'll be polite). You're a winner just because you participated. I love it when he gets sarcastic like that. He's knows it's all about winning...duh!

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  1. Read my latest BirdSpot post. Dude, I'm so competitive too!!!!!! I mean ladies like us with Tiger Blood and stuff, it IS all about winning...DUH!