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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's been a while...

Yesterday it seemed I was destined to have “one of those days”. You know those days. I had a full schedule at work, not knowing how I would get everything finished before I had to pick up my daughter from basketball practice which was ending earlier than usual. My phone was not holding a charge, so even though I had it plugged in all night and on my drive to work, it would die after about 20 minutes of use.
Nothing serious, just the little things like that to annoy me throughout the morning (if I let them).  Then I drop my phone in the parking lot at work. I shattered the screen. Ok, not the best way to keep the positive attitude going, right? Then on my drive out to take photos of a home in Greenwood, I miss my turn onto the service road and end up driving to Stanton before I can turn around. Seriously! I did that! I actually ended up doing it twice, in a row! Yes, I was living the dream yesterday. I walk back into the office prepared to let everyone in on my misadventures when I notice a letter on my desk. I was expecting a check in the mail for a VIP ticket (for the Black and White night) and I thought this letter must be the check. I open the letter and sure enough there is a check, but not for the VIP ticket. It is a very large check from an anonymous donor. I was floored! My day did a 360 degree turn around from the time I saw the letter on my desk to the time I read the enclosed note. One moment made all of the difference.
Generosity is defined as a generous act. It can mean bigheartedness, openhandedness, openheartedness and unselfishness. The past year has introduced me to so many people that are all of the above and more. I am in awe of the good that can be done by people who are willing to make an effort, willing to take a risk, willing to make a difference. So turn off this computer. Get out there! Make an effort, take a risk; it will make a difference in someone’s day. You may even turn it around. 

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