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Monday, April 4, 2011

Oooops, just joking... I do have a life!

So on Friday my post said something about putting my "life" aside to train. Well I did go to Dallas this weekend and did not train. So this moring, back to the grind. I thought it would be hard to run today. I was wrong. I got on that treadmill and took off, well as much as you can "take off" on a treadmill. 3 miles in 40 minutes today. Tomorrow I'll have to do 4 miles then on Wednesday it's 3 miles again. I'm going to get new running gear today. I'm pretty excited about that!

I'm planning to kick up the fundraising this week. Any of you out there reading my blog donate $5. Skip one cup of coffee and donate the $$$ to an awesome cause. The Midland Reporter-Telegram published a column from my Blog on Sunday 4/3! That is amazing! As a member of Team Challenge, I have to raise awareness, raise funds and train. What better way to raise awareness than a column in the community newspaper?  I can't think of many. So check out the West Texas Living section in Sunday's paper. You'll be seeing me there for the next little while, raising awareness (and hopefully some $$$ too).

I'll see you on the run...

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