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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here goes nuttin'...

I originally started my blog and this column as a way to track my progress through the 16 weeks of training and fundraising for my Team Challenge event on June 26th. It has certainly evolved into so much more than a glorified diary of sorts. I’ve been able to share other’s stories as well as my own.  I hope that I’ve informed and educated some as well. I’ve only got 2 weeks left until I’ll be completing the half marathon. Time has certainly flown by. But I’m not finished. It is definitely not time to coast to the finish line. I’ve still got to raise almost $350 to reach my commitment of $5600. And even though tapering will begin soon I’ve still got 2 weeks of training.
This morning I’m completing a 10K trail run/hike in California. Even while on vacation, I’m training. If I plan to finish the half, I can’t take a vacation from training. So, you enjoy your morning coffee and think about me trying to hike 6 miles on a mountain trail when I’ve been training in flat West Texas and on a treadmill. If you think I’ve gone crazy, you just might be right!
During my travels over the last few days I’ve been thinking. Travel with Crohn’s and colitis almost takes strategic planning.  How many bathrooms are on the plane? Where are the airport bathrooms located? Will I have enough time to use the restroom? And ultimately, “Please turn off the fasten seatbelt sign so I can go!” I don’t know how many times I couldn’t wait until the little light was turned off. I’ve learned over the past eleven years that travel days are days to eat and drink as little as possible. I know we are supposed to drink lots of water when flying, but not this girl.
We flew into Sacramento on Wednesday and drove to the coast of California on Thursday after my daughter’s eighth grade graduation. The drive from outside of Sacramento to the coast takes about three hours. The prospect of driving long distances proves to be even more of a challenge than flying. At least there are bathrooms on planes. When driving through unfamiliar territory,  a bathroom can seem like an oasis. Don’t laugh, it’s true. Ok, you can laugh a little. I’m picturing palm trees, neon lights and arrows pointing to the female symbol for bathroom. Sure GPS can let you know where the closest bathroom is but if it’s an hour away, that is not very helpful.  When my family takes road trips my husband and children are awesome. They all keep an eye out for rest areas and truck stops. My husband will ask every time he sees a rest area sign, “Do you need to stop?”  I’m very grateful that he so understands, because we really like taking road trips. 
I’d like everyone reading this article to take some time to think about this today. Before I got sick, I’d be the first to tell anyone traveling with me to use the bathroom before we left the house. I remember my parents and grandparents saying that to my brothers and sisters when we were younger. My children didn’t have to grow up with me enforcing that very often. I was the one we usually had to stop for.  We all accept the fact that we will have to stop, probably more than once, and that is Ok. Take that into consideration the next time you are traveling with family and friends, someone will have to take a bathroom break, don’t stress, the trip will continue no matter how many times you have to stop.

I’ll let you know how the 10k goes. 

Until then…

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